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KongfuSEO is a SEO and web design company based in Melbourne. Our global horizon, professional industry knowledge and rich experience can help you to win the battles in the digital market. All these web design and search engine optimisation SEO services that provided by our wonderful in-house IT team.

We are always here with your maximised brand value and your perfect digital marketing.

At the heart of Camberwell in Melbourne, Kongfuseo is your trusted partner of web design and SEO service.

We are KongFuSEO, we are here to be perfect and more for you.

Whether its SEO or Web Design, Search is in our DNA

SEO is the most efficient and powerful marketing way to target your potential customer. Boost your organic traffic by our Chinese and English bilingual SEO approach. We not only build the best SEO foundations to get you ranking in Google and Baidu, and we also promise to keep you there.
Web Design
Web design is more than just some pretty pictures on a screen. Kongfuseo web design idea is not only works for human but also for Search Engine. We embed search DNA into our Melbourne in-house web design, so we overhaul your website and improve its Google& Baidu position.
Wechat Marketing
With an average of 810M users logging into WeChat every single day and using its social, shopping, and chat services all day long, more then 70% users open wechat more than 10 times per day, Wechat marketing offers a powerful way to connect with all your target Chinese speaker consumers.
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Why Choose kongfuseo as your local seo service provider in Melbourne?

Our experts always keep the balance between the web page optimisation SEO Services and stunning aesthetics of web design, our websites that can be trusted by Google, and also functional and aesthetic.

Why SEO is important for your web design?

We have the technical know-how to get your website ranking and in front of potential customers. We design website both for search engine and human. So we reboot your website, increasing its Baidu and Google position from the initial design stage with technical optimisation built into the structure of your website.

Why we think the Methodology of SEO is important?

Kongfu SEO experts truly understand both English and Chinese market and culture, our market proven methodology will help you to discover the hidden keywords and ranking opportunities that a simple translation would never uncover. As leading bilingual SEO company in Melbourne, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to rank a website with both English and Chinese search engine.

We uncover the hidden secret of your competitors’ keywords and backlinks, we use white hat rules to execute ethical link building practices. We have the professional copywriter to produce original content writing with the high search volume keywords in order to achieve the best result of SERP of Google and Chinese Search Engine.

How to research your competitor's SEO performance?

We uncover the hidden secret of your competitors’ keywords and backlinks, we use white hat rules to execute ethical link building practices. We have the professional copywriter to produce original content writing with the high search volume keywords in order to achieve the best result of SERP of GOOGLE.

Why you need a native local SEO team?

Maybe some local SEO companies told you that they can rank any website with their strategies. We don’t think so. If you want to target the Chinese speaking market you need a professional Chinese SEO specialist, who is a native speaker and understand the Chinese language, culture and marketing strategy.

If a SEO company does not have the native Chinese speaker on staff they will most likely fail in their efforts to get your website ranked in the competitive Chinese marketplace. With an increase in your web sites’ search engine ranking, it become easier for you to reach your targeted Chinese market.

We integrate technology, design, marketing, content and digital marketing strategy, which includes the most popular Chinese social media WeChat marketing.

We embrace tough situations and creative challenges in order to drive results.

Why a native SEO copywriter is important for your SEO service?

Language is always a tool, whereas culture and market are the core. Our bilingual teams are working with clients from different language environments all year round. With a focus on the local cultures, a good understanding and knowledge of different groups of people provide our team with a better chance to spot the hidden keywords and headlines for the ranking opportunities. Yes, it’s about language, but it’s furthermore than language. With the hard work of our Chinese native and English native speaker team members, every piece of information that will be delivered must have been carefully selected and presented in an attractive and impressive way. In the fussy Chinese market, cruel competition comes with huge opportunities. But don’t worry, situations are also manageable with our support. SEO on Baidu, the largest search engine in mainland China is handled.

Why we think SEO's strategy and approach are the first priority?

Our SEO experts are well-qualified and experienced, so all our SEO proposals, reports, and marketing approach can be presented and understood in your way and easy to access, and It is also easy to assist in your business decision-making progress. What you will benefit from:
  • Leading-edge disciplined methodology and creative problem-solving
  • An ethical SEO tactic to scale Google’s ranks while following the white hat SEO guidelines
  • Keeping monitoring user’s experience of and mobile experience abiding by Google’s guidelines
  • Thorough keyword, backlink research and professional English and Chinese writers are the well-built route to drive convert traffic to your business
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Kongfuseo SEO methodology

Why SEO is so important to your business?

Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Baidu are more and more commonly used as a guide when people consider accessing some services or products.

No matter the product or service is provided locally, nationally or globally, reaching the right group of people is quite important.

Who are the right ones? The easiest method is when people search your products, services or something related to your business. Providing the access at this time is the wonderful moment to reach the right person you are looking for.

Why is SEO one of the top concerns in marketing efforts?

How to spot on your products and services on the searching pages will be a major concern in marketing. Here Search Engine Optimisation SEO become one of the top concerns in your marketing efforts. It could be hard to get it right as the search engines move the goalposts all the time — once you get it wrong, things go the wrong way. That is where SEO helps to get away from those harmful ‘wrongs’.

Why can we offer you far more effective results?

You probably have tried to work on your own digital marketing tasks via a lot of research and information from online resources, but each business is unique in the combination of their scale, products and services, and targeted customer groups.

How could you be sure the others’ strategy suits yours?

Our tailored SEO service is based on our up-to-date knowledge and skills that are honed and obtained from all experience over the past many years.

Transforming the idea of an in-house IT department, we will be the one to offer you far more effective results.

Why you need a constantly high quality SEO service?

Search engine’s algorithms have been advancing with the industry change at a breathtaking speed.

Getting more and more complex, a lot of SEO companies are on their last legs. Only the most committed ones are tough enough to survive in this grim dynamic environment. We change with the change to fit in — exploiting user’s intents, user experience (UX) feedback and other resources to tempt them to the webpage and optimise user experience at the same time.

We will constantly monitoring the ECG of the change of Google algorithm, we are on the pulse of the industry. That is, from the organic search the most effective result will be delivered.

Why SEO need a tailored strategy and tactics?

Being welcomed by its low cost and high performance, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most popular marketing channels for all business.

Campaigns of each business have to rely on tailored strategy and tactics nowadays because of their unique features.

Experienced SEO artists are able to manage the change and fit in all different products and services into the dynamic environment according to their features.

Why you need a SEO Melbourne local partner?

Our experience enable us to understand the customer targets and segments, use the right resources to lead your prospective customers to your place through the driveway.

Of course, we not only build high quality backlinks and doing on-page optimisation for the better performance of your website ranking, we also give your more suggestions about how to improve conversions of your increased traffics.

Kongfuseo  has extensive experience in developing  local SEO strategies and executing SEO campaigns in Melbourne and Australia.

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