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Digital Marketing

Kongfuseo deeply understands there are 4 key components of any successful brand: Web Design, Content Marketing, SEO,  and Social Media. Our digital marketing team employ state of the art use web design experience, sophisticated copywriter, and SEO knowledge as the bedrock of any digital marketing campaign they create. In this way they can deliver the best result to you. Our major digital marketing service includes:

  1. SEM, search engine marketing includes Google Ads, Google Re-marketing, and Google Shopping;
  2. Social Media Marketing:  Facebook Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin operation services;
  3. Wechat Marketing: Set up official account and content marketing;
  4. Content Marketing: Creative Graphic Design, Chinese content& advertorial;
  5. Press Release: We will distribute your press release in US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. For sure, we will do anchor for the high value backlinks for your website.

Google Ads and Google Re-Marketing

Kongfuseo manages your website Google Ads account to drive conversion and sales leads to your e-commerce or product website. We research the accurate key-words which could help you determine the most cost-effective approach to generate sales leads from your targeted visitors. We are using advanced analytics tools and develop the most valuable Ads campaign to meet your target cost of each campaign. Our Google Ads and Re-marketing services include:

  1. Solid Foundation Google Ads, Google Shopping and Google Re-marketing Keyword Research;
  2. Research your competitor’s  Google AdWords including their bids, spend and landing pages;
  3. Google Ads Landing Page Design
  4. Kongfuseo has a full in-house web design team, a call-to-action landing page design can execute highly conversion rate to maximise your Google Ads investment ROI;


Kongfuseo has a most creative design team, they are good at creating striking offline and online materials.  Kongfuseo has the unique vision to help your business stand out from the crowd. With our stylish marketing sense and technology, we will introduce your business to the target consumer market, we can help you with:

  1. Logo Design
  2. Web UI/UX Design
  3. Brochure and Name Card (Chinese Name Card) Design
  4. Company culture and product Video

Wechat Marketing

We have Chinese native speakers, and they are good at Wechat marketing. We also can speak English. So we can help  you

  1. Set up WeChat Official Account
  2. WeChat Ads to drive traffic to your website and drive sales gen from Chinese market
  3. Wechat content marketing – Creating content to keep followers engaged and drive stable daily sales leads.
  4. Set up WeChat shop with WeChat payment

Facebook and Twitter Marketing

Kongfuseo keeps in line with customer strategy and social media marketing best practices, and provides landing page and graphic design for our clients marketing campaign and distribute content to appropriate networks; Following service items will be included in social media marketing campaign project.

  • Facebook and Twitter Daily Monitoring
  • Facebook and Twitter Community Building
  • Facebook and Twitter Cross Promotion
  • Facebook and Twitter Monthly Analytics & Insights
  • Facebook and Twitter Ads
  • Plan Duration
  • Month Total Activities

Social Media (Facebook/Linkedin) Advertising Implementation

Implementing advertising campaigns that align with customer’s marketing  promotion stages and promote brand recognition.

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