Branding & Consulting SIIT Website Re-build Project
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Australian Professional Education Institute Pty Ltd
aka: Sydney Institute of Interpreting and Translating (SIIT) — a licensed language training organisation in Australia.
PROGRAMME: Website Rebuilding.
Their old website has following critical issues:

  • . Navigational structure problems on homepage and other static pages;
  • . No basic features;
  • . Matching problem between basic requirement of daily operation procedures;
  • . Outdated design and edit in content, picture selection, and style; and
  • . Negative modem user experience.


After a detailed study and research on the top three Global major education websites, each company’s unique concept was identified. Based on the business features of SIIT, we applied our ‘Three-Click’ Golden Rule that has been standing the test of time — you could find anything you need within three clicks on the website with a proper navigation.

What’s been changed:

  • . A brand-new concise layout and an attractive interface design with pleasant colour scheme.
  • . A proper navigation on the homepage has been set up as a menu, which is easy to understand with all contents grouped logically.
  • . An enrollment interface has been built up to make an easy enrollment procedure.

SIIT website now is pleasant and comfortable in both aesthetics and user experience.

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web design case pollard


It is understood by both SIIT and KongFu SEO that the website is expected to be functional before being visually pleasant. The enrollment page is the first concern, because it was difficult and complicated to finish the enrolment procedures on the previous pages. A user-friendly design is always coming as the top point on a functional website. Also, it will help traffics increase and conversation rate improvement.

With a deep understanding between each other and our great efforts, the SIIT management team were very satisfied with the final result. Another two project offers (‘TACIS‘ and ‘Pollard English‘) from SIIT reached us just two months after the new website being put in use.