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  • KongfuSEO is a Melbourne based SEO company offering Chinese and English bilingual search engine optimisation  SEO services for local and global clients.
  • We focus on using search engine optimisation SEO to build visibility, attract prospects, and generate leads.
  • We help clients define and understand their success factors as they relate to SEO and content marketing.
  • Our experts have been ranking Google Chinese website with our SEO methods for over 11 years.
  • Kongfu SEO’s sophisticated SEO Service methodology and proved Chinese marketing experience will ensure your website climbs the top rankings of Google and Baidu organic result.
  • Our culture is defined by our core beliefs. We do not run on micromanagement and rigid policy.
  • We trust our talented, driven and compassionate people to bring you their best work. In order to do this, they need to operate in a culture that allows a degree of creative autonomy.
  • We believe mutual respect and a collaborative workplace best protects our customers’ interests. This culture fosters an environment where each interaction with clients is respectful, professional and indeed enjoyable.
  • We trust in our people to deliver thoughtful and strategic SEO campaigns.  Our SEO campaigns rest on a strong bank of performance data and market research. They are artful, and scientifically driven. In short, the best technology and the best people will combine to deliver swift business impacting solutions for your business.

Kongfu SEO Digital Marketing is in the business of strengthening SERP and visibility in Google search results,  allowing our clients to get more sales leads. Kongfu SEO always makes brands matter in an increasingly fragmented and critical search engine result lists.

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As CEO of Kongfuseo Digital Marketing,  my primary goal is securing your trust. Trust is earned over time through delivering what is promised, in this case, a positive result for your business.

As an experienced business owner and operator, I am proud to lead a team of professionals that are highly skilled in delivering effective, results-focused digital campaigns. My team is passionate about providing powerful customised solutions to meet the unique challenges of each and every client’s business. I offer you a frank upfront appraisal of your business goals and strategies to reach them. Get in touch now for a preliminary discussion.

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