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We guarantee that we will get your website ranking on Google first page within 90 days for the targeted keywords or we’ll work for free until we achieve the goal.

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Long term SEO Services commitment

Why does your website need to be optimised constantly?

Because Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. As these changes occur, you will need SEO experts that’s able through constant experimentation and data driven research, to point the way and help you navigate the choppy waters. From your website code, to your digital PR, SEO should be a guiding principle. Optimising your business for a digital world is paramount to driving traffic, achieving conversions and establishing credibility. We have the long term commitment on your SEO services and SERP.

5 Years experience on local SEO Services

Why do you need an experienced SEO team?

Puzzled as to why your website is not delivering success and the organic traffic you expect after all your hard work and considerable financial investment? Our creative team of SEO specialists love a challenge and will work tirelessly to identify issues that stand in the way of your success and rectify them. Our team was primarily involved with the outstanding digital marketing campaign, and has got the remarkable achievements both in the past 5 years.


Why do you need a SEO technical expert?

The rate of change foisted on the industry in recent years has been exponential. Google’s search algorithms have advanced at breakneck speed in terms of their complexity, leaving only the most committed SEO company to successfully compete in this dynamic and challenging environment. While Google’s strives to ever shorten a searcher’s route, we exploit user intent, UX and contextual authority in order to maximise their experience.

You have probably worked hard to devise a digital marketing strategy, but is it really working for you?  A technical SEO service rests on knowledge that is constantly up-to-date and a skill set honed over many years. It allows your website to be fine-tuned so that your suite of digital marketing services will reach its potential in terms of maximising results. You’ve heard the expression “false economy”. Today, going it alone without a technical SEO service can be just that.


Kongfu SEO experts truly understand both English and Chinese market and culture, our market proven methodology will help you to discover the hidden keywords and ranking opportunities that a simple translation would never uncover.  We bring a lateral approach to our bilingual Chinese and English SEO services.With the background of native Chinese and English speakers, we make sure Chinese message has been carefully selected and accurately expressed. SEO on Baidu is also planned and handled.

Kongfu SEO has experienced local copywriters, so we can deliver all our SEO proposals, reports, and Chinese Marketing solutions in English to you, it is very easy for you to make your decisions based on information you understand. We have a team of native Chinese SEO professionals that will give your company a competitive advantage in the international market place.  We also have experienced local English experts, so we can deliver all our SEO proposals, reports, and Chinese Marketing solutions in English to you, it is very easy for you to make your decisions based on information you understand.

  • State of the art disciplined methodology and creative problem-solving
  • An arsenal of ethical SEO tactics to scale Google’s ranks while conforming to white hat SEO  guidelines
  • Keeping eyes on user experience of website especially for mobile experience in line with Google’s guidelines
  • Thorough keyword and backlink research and talented professional English and Chinese content writer, able to drive traffic and to convert traffic in your industry


We have established our own SEO and digital marketing methodology. Because we know that you need a comprehensive combination of great technical foundations, amazing UX and schema based web design, advanced keywords and backlinks research, industry leading content marketing and the most authoritative, editorially earned digital Press Release links.  Only by ensuring that each one of these key approach is perfectly integrated with the whole, can we boost your business.

Discovery – Deep understanding your business and your website, we will research your target keywords  search volume, difficulty, and your competitors’ high value backlinks, which will be used to estimate the traffic and revenue potential for those keywords, based on your current average conversion rate and value.

Strategy – Working out the blueprint for our projects to ensure everything will be executed appropriate and effectively in the future.

Execution – On-Page optimization will start from allocation all target key-words to the specific web pages, and if necessary we will re-write your content for matching key-words requirements. Based on your competitors backlinks report,  we will continuously tracking and building backlinks in white hat SEO way.


We would love to promise faster results but to do so would be irresponsible. Since Google cannot be controlled, to offer guarantees as to exactly when your website will be ranking would be to mislead and risk the loss of your trust. As SEO specialists who thrive on challenge, we will make sure your website ranks as quickly as possible by developing superior battle strategies to deal with Google’s on-going change of algorithms. Each SEO strategy for a website must be unique. There are no short cuts. Strategy must take into account the degree of competition, your current rank and your existing link profile. By targeting a mix of higher search volume, more competitive and more long-tail, low competition keywords you can start generating organic traffic that will convert sooner. Our boast is that while we can’t predict to the week how long it will take for you to see results, we can promise they will be achieved in the shortest possible time having regard for the unique features of your business. We will introduce you our general methodology which applies to both CHINESE and ENGLISH.

SEO Site Review
Most of websites are built for human being instead of for Google search engine. It is imperative that Google sees your site as a reliable source of information. That’s what Google wants. And this is how we deliver results for you. All the time and effort spent working on development of the site is necessary but if the site itself is not fully SEO optimised, that time and energy is wasted. You can't afford to neglect on-page optimisation and expect to maximise results from any off-page campaign. Correct redirects, optimised meta data, ALT tags and canonicalisation all play a massive role in ensuring Google views your site as a reliable source of information. Kongfuseo Search engine optimisation SEO Services brings more qualified prospects to your business by ranking your website higher in Google.
Key-Words Research
Selecting the right keywords is one of the important steps, which is not the simple endeavour it might appear. It requires time to research and the use of a dynamic feedback loop to monitor the effectiveness of chosen keywords. Effective keywords are like “diamonds in the rough” and need to be carefully mined. This requires an ability to think like a prospective customer and distinguish between keywords which will drive a high volume of traffic and those which will produce lower volume but more relevant traffic. The latter will often earn you a higher ranking because of lower competition. Technical research tools and clever analysis allow us to dig out those keywords and achieve your target ratings. We do not rest on our laurels. We continually monitor the results of keyword choice, modifying and refining them with regard to the marketing environment.
Off-Page Efforts
Employing rogue tactics which fall outside Google guidelines such as, Guest blogging, PBNs and article submissions will ultimately do your business no favours. These tactics, along with paying for links, while tempting in terms of seeming to offer a short cut to success can compromise the integrity of your business. Instead, achieving placements in national and regional press and other authoritative publications is by far the better the way to go. To appeal to journalists and thus earn these organic links you need an approach to link-building that melds art and science. If content is engaging, topical and verifiable, journalists will want to publish and share it providing you with a legitimised high profile without concerns in relation to conforming to Google's guidelines. This is the approach we find to be most sustainable in terms of growing your business.
Content Is the King
Website content is a major factor of Google SEO algorithm . Duplicate content is a bad move and a major SEO problem. In an effort to scramble to the top of Google's SERP index your competitors may take short cuts with content such as copying and pasting product and/or services pages. It may seem you can get away with this but beware; Google is becoming more adept by the day at detecting duplication. Trust us to get around this problem with our savvy approach to the issue.

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SEO and Google Ads Chincommunication
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